Saturday, May 30, 2009

Bing is Bingo …!!!

Bing on it!

Microsoft Bing! (Formerly code named: Kumo) is perhaps the much anticipated search engine, that finally we can witness a tough competition with Google Search this time. As a matter of fact, Microsoft doesn’t see Bing as the Google killer. However; as I see, Bing has so much more to deliver than classic Google search. Let’s start what I liked when I “Binged on it”.
First of all, let’s don’t get indulge into the technical specs of what Bing has. I’d rather start off with some low level eye catchers. Well, the main screen, the dashboard, the main dock. You may call it anything, but Bing starts its magic right from there. The main screen certainly has the simple textbox with a search button. Just like one of any other dozen search engines we’ve already seen, but the cool thing is, that likewise Live Search, its first page has a cool beautiful background which comes at random and providing a couple of info boxes on it. This is an interesting feature for general knowledge that most of the home users would really appreciate. Then you land on search results page, it’s full of interesting UI features, which surely decrease your search time and effort. This includes on mouse over popup that shows the snippet of target page. And of-course there is the search history on left navigation pane that is always there for quick referencing. Furthermore, what I have witnessed so far using Bing is that, Microsoft has really improved on the content that appears on search result. I searched me for instance, and when Google search return several different ‘Atif’s’, Bing has quite relevant results including, and which is more surprising. All in all, it’s a decent approach that is worth to give a try. For any further information you can “bing on ‘Bing’ as well” ;)
In a couple of articles and blogs, what I came to know that Microsoft believes that Bing is just the starter to the new paradigm of searching. Though Google search may have so many other features to provide but as a matter of fact Bing also have a long way to go as far as software maturity level is concerned. As a final word, next time when you need to ‘Google’ something, you better try to ‘Bing on it’ ;-)


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