Sunday, June 27, 2010

Sync it up …

The advent of internet has made it all possible.

Microsoft may have been giants of software but somewhere down the isle, there are a few big names who are projecting a new paradigm of software, which is “Service”. Google, are the very first in this list who presented whole lot of services, you may call it Google Docs, spreadsheets, earth or maps, wave and voice, the Android and yes, above all, Chrome OS. It’s all good, better to say, great. However, the question is, where will all the existing stuff will go? How General People are going to adopt this in an instant? Are you ready to give it all up and start using this new paradigm overnight?

Perhaps those are a few reasons for me not being able to switch to Google wave yet. I mean why would I need to have a Google account in order to be able to see any wave anyone has just sent me? or, should I expect everyone to have a Google account with whom I communicate? That’s one point that perhaps no one would consider if communications were invented today.

On the other hand, the Google Docs has made a fine job there. Irrespective of browser or the platform you are using, you can still use the Google Docs. As far as I can see, I think they have written some application to run on the browser, didn’t they? if it is, then I guess it might take a very long time to make any web app as rich and interactive as desktop is now. Instead why not we develop some engine that could ship the very desktop apps to the web. If Google or any other are able to do that, they would no longer need to write an operating system for the browser, they can easily ship the whole Windows to the web.

As far as Microsoft is concerned, I’ve just had an experience to use Windows Live Essentials Beta, and I believe that with the 25 GB SkyDrive and online Microsoft Office Suite Web Apps together with Windows live sync beta,  Windows live mail beta, movie maker and writer, has taken a huge leap ahead here. The point is, this all is basically the same software that I use on my desktop and now I’m using it on the internet. The same experience and the same usability. Just got synced up!

Windows Live Movie Maker

Windows Live Mail Beta

Windows Live Messenger Beta


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