Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Google provides all new AdSense

No wonder why Google are just making it all possible. Like every others in the domain including Microsoft and Apple, Google are also making some real progress, specially with the segments where they currently excel. Google being one of the biggest web ad service provider by its flagship service Google AdSense.

Just recently Google has release all new interface of Google AdSense with a boat load of interactive features. You can try the beta. This new interface brings in lots of cool new handy features that will surely help its users a great deal with ads and of course the revenue. Here are some of the headlines of the new features.

More Insights: Actionable data helps you better understand your performance and make more informed business decisions. Learn more »

More Control: Easier to use, richer controls help you protect your brand - all in one place. Learn more »

Greater Efficiency: Redesigned interface helps you find what you're looking for and complete tasks quickly and easily. Learn more »

I haven’t used all the new features till yet. Will post updates as I start finding some important ticks. Till then, have your say!


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