Monday, April 11, 2011

been out for a long

Hey Readers, Its been a while i’ve been out of touch with this blog. This doesn’t mean i was not blogging, and time to spill some beans today, that the technology evangelist blog is now shifted from blogger to wordpress. My new blog is “It’s all about tech” (

It has been a great debate for the choice between blogger and wordpress. I’ve also been part of that mystery. As I always say,

“… nothing is god or bad, its only the requirement that makes it useful or useless.”

I did some great brainstorming over the path I will be taking my blogging experience too, and concluded to have a wordpress blog for now. It has not been quite so long, but it truly has been a great experience so far.

It’s all about tech is just what the name suggests. It is truly all about the technology, latest happenings, tips, tricks, how-to’s, everything you want to know about technology and everything I know about technology. It’s all there. If you have what it takes to be a technology evangelist, please do send me a DM on my twitter (, and start blogging on the “tech about” platform. Be a part to spread the word and become a blogger.

Please visit and let me know your valuable comments.


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