Thursday, August 26, 2010

Call phones from Gmail


What if telephony were invented today? – technically, its very hard to tell. The invention of telephone says that the modern telephone is actually a culmination of work done by many individuals. Human kind started to communicate long ago during stone ages. Several inventions have been made since then. In the 1870’s Alexander Graham Bell was the first to patent the telephone, as an "apparatus for transmitting vocal or other sounds telegraphically", and then, the history of telephone started. And coming down to this era of internet, human kind has taken a new leap in vocal communication.

As Google has presented another model for low rate cheap voice communication, they now presents voice communication directly in to the mail box.

Call phones from Gmail

Does this embrace a new challenge to human race. Beware, technology is coming to life, and soon we won’t need to *see* each other at all.


Salman said...

i love it ... thanks Google.

Paul said...

Jailbreak your iPhone if you want a native app. Honestly not looking to start a flamewar, but Android's Voice integration is a huge selling point for me.

John said...

why can't i use it in Canada? it says calls free to Canada, but i can't make call from inside Canada.... help ... !

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