Sunday, September 26, 2010

Microsoft Dynamics AX vs GP

Microsoft Dynamics ERP solutions are by far the most comprehensive ERP solutions available in overall aspect. Ranging from cost to complexity and implementation to support, if you are interested to keep everything into account, Microsoft Dynamics would be your answer. They offer exceptionally easy-to-use solutions that fit smoothly with your existing IT systems and infrastructure.

However, one may get into this trouble of which one to choose? And mostly people end up comparing Dynamics AX vs. Dynamics GP and Dynamics CRM or NAV etc. Microsoft does not compare any of those solutions, neither any comparison exists nor they encourage it. However, there are several other ways to look at a project from different angles that are reflected in the decision engine of your choice. Here is an easy to use app on the web that helps you find the right solution for your business.


This is a simple assessment test carefully map your responses to each Microsoft Dynamics ERP solution. The final result is a recommendation that targets your specific organization.


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