Thursday, September 23, 2010

Playing with Google Search


You won’t mind if I say Google Search is a mystery. Well, most of you would, but does anyone precisely knows how Google indexes the content published on the internet?

Most recently, I published a blog post regarding Why my drive shows less space than expected?. That post was more about describing binary numbers for different file systems and how manufacturers use it for case of simplicity. Interestingly, that post, became the top result in this query on Google, “Why my drive shows less space than expected?”.


This gave me some idea to play more with Google Search. Since I’ve always been a fan of how Google keeps its search index it was really enjoying identifying these facts too.

Sooner when I searched if Google can tell me the binary number of my name, the query “what is a binary number of atif” returned this post on the 3rd top result.


Now this leads how Google might be doing behind the curtains. Is it true that Google is indexing each and every word of whatever you post on the internet? Or is it based on the influence of any post on the internet in recent given time?

Raising more riddles for the technology geeks out there :) whatever, its just lovely how the way Google fetches your search queries.


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